AddressSearch for an address using the Mapbox Address Autofill and Mapbox Static Images APIsV0.1.2Updated 6 months agoAI ChatHave a conversation with an AIV0.0.0Updated 6 months agoAI ImageGenerate any image you can put into words, in just a few secondsV0.1.2Updated 6 months agoAI TextGenerate blog posts, press releases, ad copy – using the power of AIV0.1.3Updated 6 months agoCalloutDraw attention to an important point or message with framed text and a custom iconV0.2.1Updated 6 months agoChartA block for plotting entities in a 2D chartV0.1.2Updated 5 months agoCodeWrite monospaced code with syntax highlighting in a range of programming and markup languagesV0.2.1Updated 6 months agoCountdownCountdown to a time and dateV0.2.1Updated 6 months agoDividerBreak up content on a page with horizontal dividing linesV0.1.2Updated 6 months agoFAQCreate a frequently asked questions sectionV0.1.3Updated 6 months agoHeadingWrite titles, sub-titles, and section headings in four different sizesV0.2.3Updated 6 months agoHow ToDescribe a task or process via a list of stepsV0.1.3Updated 6 months agoImageEmbed JPG, GIF, and PNG images by URL or file upload and add an optional captionV0.2.1Updated 6 months agoKanban BoardCapture information in cards, and drag cards flexibly between customizable columnsV0.0.2Updated 6 months agoMinesweeperPlay Minesweeper in your browser!V0.0.1Updated 6 months agoParagraphWrite a block of text to express an idea, make a point, or record a thoughtV0.1.2Updated 6 months agoPersonDisplay information about a person, including their name, job title, email, website address, and an avatarV0.2.1Updated 6 months agoShuffleCreate a list and (re-)arrange it in a random orderV0.1.2Updated 6 months agoTableDisplay and manipulate tabular data with filter, sort, and search featuresV0.3.4Updated 5 months agoTimerSet a countdown timer to remind you when a certain amount of time has elapsedV0.2.1Updated 6 months agoVideoEmbed MP4 and WEBM videos by URL or file upload and add an optional captionV0.2.1Updated 6 months ago