Display and manipulate tabular data with filter, sort, and search features

By @hashV0.2.0

The Table block can display and edit entities of a given entity type. Entities are displayed as rows in a table, with the type's properties defining the column headers. Filter and sort options allow the user to refine which entities are shown and in what order; columns can be toggled on or off; and a search feature lets users find particular records. The table also features pagination, with the option to set the limit per page at either 3, 5, or 10.

When the block initializes, it uses the Graph Service's aggregateEntityTypes method to request all entity types in the embedding application and presents those types in a dropdown for the user. Once a type is selected, the table is rendered. If the value of a cell is edited, the Graph Service's updateEntity method is called to update the value of that property on the entity in the embedding application.

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