Block Protocol for WordPress

Upgrade your WordPress site with new superpowers


Gutenberg, Elementor, Brizy, Divi


AI Blocks

The best AI text generation, style, tone, grammar and editing blocks for WordPress

Powerful AI image generation blocks let you illustrate posts in seconds

Advanced AI image editing blocks let you remove watermarks from photos, or remove/replace the backgrounds of product photos in WooCommerce

Best-in-class AI chat block lets you persist chats, publish them on your website, branch off mid-way from prior conversations, set the AI’s response style and more

Switch between AI models and providers at will

Free credits

for all models and providers
Super-structured data comes to WordPress
Turn WordPress into a powerful

entity graph

and unlock a whole range of new functionality.
Go beyond Custom Post Types and Advanced Custom Fields with a graph of entities, all with their own properties and connected by links


Improve your search rankings
by leveraging structured data (SEO) blocks that take context from their surroundings and dynamically generating whole-page JSON-LD based on related information

(e.g. offers in WooCommerce, or tickets for an event)


Build apps on top of your structured data,
turning WordPress from a CMS into a fully-fledged app builder
Powerful API services without the fuss

Access OpenAI, Mapbox, and other powerful APIs directly within WordPress, with zero extra steps

Everything is handled by the Block Protocol. No need to share card details, obtain API keys, or set up an account with any other service provider.

Generous free allowances with all providers let you try out blocks and use them in WordPress


Sync data from external apps into WordPress
through blocks that authenticate as you with external services such as Notion, Coda, and Zapier.
Instant access to infinite blocks

Discover and insert new blocks at the point of need from the normal block insertion menu built into WordPress

New blocks are instantly available within WordPress without having to update the plugin, or install additional plugins (as is required for Gutenberg blocks)

The Block Protocol is an open-source ecosystem of blocks that anybody can contribute to

You can use Block Protocol blocks in any


-enabled environment,
not just WordPress
Get started with the Block Protocol
Install the plugin with just one click and follow the prompts to get startedInstall on
for self-hosted WordPress
Download the plugin and upload the ZIP directly to your website via the plugins admin panelDownload plugin ZIP
Once you’ve installed the plugin, get a free API key to connect your website to the Block Protocol
If you get stuck, feel free to reach out on our community Discord server or drop us a message directly .

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