Publishing Blocks

Built a block? Share it with the world

Block Hub

Once you've built a block, you can add it to the Block Hub, so that:

  • your block will have an instant online demo playground
  • your block will be searchable via our block API
  • you can claim your namespace in

To publish a block on the hub, the initial process is as follows:

  1. Have your block source code available in a GitHub repository
  2. Claim your username by signing up at
  3. Add a JSON file to the hub folder, in a subfolder matching the username you registered in step one, preceded by the @ symbol (e.g. @myusername)
  4. Create a pull request from your fork

The JSON metadata file should look like this:

  // REQUIRED - path to the repository with your block's source code
  repository: "",
  // REQUIRED - commit hash (pins block to a specific version)
  commit: "adb915bf8fc4f84e33a2cd21f217225e50c3d7fa",

  // IF NEEDED - see below
  distDir: "dist",
  folder: "packages/blocks/block-embed",
  workspace: "@hashintel/block-embed",

My block source is in a subfolder

  • If it’s in a yarn workspace, please provide workspace
  • If it’s not in a yarn workspace, please provide its folder path

My block requires building from its source

  • please provide the distDir where the build artifacts will appear


We assume that running yarn install && yarn build will build your block (after switching to the relevant folder/workspace, if provided). The specified distDir will be relative to the workspace directory or folder, if provided.

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